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TactOP plate carriers are the best armor solution for backpacks. They are easy to use, comfortable and have a wide variety of colors. The TactOP Plate Carrier comes with two adjustable straps for a perfect fit. The TactOP Plate Carrier also comes with a number of other features to make it more functional. These pros make this the best armor solution for backpacks. Here’s why. Read on to learn more.

Tactop plate carriers are constructed with high-density, well-padded shoulder straps. They are highly resistant to impact from violent and sudden movements. The torso is designed with slots for air flow, so plates are free to shift along the rail without affecting the wearer’s balance. These features make the Tactical Armor System one of the best armor solutions for plate carriers. These features make it the perfect accessory for soldiers, police officers, and first responders.

The Tactical Armor Units SOFT ARMOR vest is the best choice for backpacks for combat or tactical use. Its modular design allows it to be customized to fit a variety of users. It also offers removable plates. The soft body armor is designed to be worn around the waist and can be worn over a long belt. The tactop Plate Carrier makes for the best choice for home defense applications. The tactop Plate Carrier is a great option for backpacks.