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There are several kinds of hard armor, but the most important aspect of any hard armor is its density. The higher the density, the more effective the armor will be. However, the more dense a plate is, the heavier it will be, so the more protection it offers is less important. This type of armor is typically made of polyethylene and alumina ceramic, which are lighter and more comfortable. But the price of these armor plates is still a deciding factor.

Soft armor is often worn by police officers, who aren’t typically involved in rifle fights. Military personnel, on the other hand, are expected to be shot by a rifle, and wear hard armor to protect themselves from the bullets. Since they also need extra carry space, they can’t afford to be overly heavy. Fortunately, the majority of hard armors are designed to stop all types of bullets. Whether the bullets are pistol rounds or rifle rounds, it won’t make a big difference.

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The next type of hard body armor is made from layered ceramic or metal panels. It’s made from biosteel fiber, a recombinant spider protein that is 20 times stronger than steel fiber. These panels can offer greater protection than soft body armor, as they’re composed of multiple layers of superior strength materials. These vests can be extremely heavy and can even get hot when worn for long periods of time. But the downside is that they don’t provide the comfort that soft body armor provides.